Electronic Filing

  • UltraTax CS offers the most advanced, timely, and dependable electronic filing capabilities available to the tax and accounting profession.


  • Named #1 for e-filing acceptance by the IRS for three years running, Ultrax Tax CS offers robust e-file tools to monitor each step of the e-file process, like automatic error-checking to ensure that returns are complete and accurate prior to being transmitted to the IRS and state taxing authorities.


  • And there’s detailed information to alert you to the status of a given tax return, including e-file acknowledgment from the IRS or a state—even the option to send the client an automatic e-mail when an e-file return is accepted by the IRS.

Client service and the convenience they need

  • We provide a secure and convenient means for clients to access their final 1040 tax returns of Web Client Organizers via a private portal on our firm website at any time and from anywhere. Once the return is available, the client can access and print it as many times as they need throughout the year (e.g. any time they need a copy for loan applications or mortgage refinance).


  • Complete integration with NetClient CS lets us offer our clients remote 24/7 access to their financial documents and many other convenient online services via secure, private client portals, which can be accessed through our website..

Market News

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This section will be updated soon. Please check back later.

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